April Exline

Organic- “Derived from the natural environment”

Chic- “Smart Elegance”

April Exline is a distinguished interior decorator that has the expertise to specialize in a variety of international and multi-cultural designs. Florida embraces the elements of many styles, so April’s greatest passion is to interpret the design with the client’s lifestyle.

A professional surfer, April graduated with an emphasis in international business and design and has a degree from the University of Hawaii. From Hawaii and Bali to the French Rivera and South Pacific, April Exline has traveled to destinations around the world. From each destination she visits she conveys those experiences into her own collections and designs.

“I love talking with the artists and hearing their stories.  It’s those stories that I can pass on to my clients”

April specializes in residential and commercial interior and exterior decorating and staging. Featured in numerous magazine articles April has expressed her unique well cultured sense of design. April is best known for enhancing indoor/outdoor living space that satisfies an enchanting and interesting lifestyle. Her Eco-friendly approach embraces a salubrious way of living.